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Hi, I know about the Palm pages such as PalmOs or PalmSgf, but I really wonder, is there a way to bring the GnuGo to Palm ?

For Pocket PC there is the PocketGO, which runs with GnuGo, and seems to be quite good. For Palm (Os 5) there is the AIGO, Go81 and other, but not strong enough. If any of you might know would these be possible ? 1- maybe put GnuGo with Palm, or 2- put GoSuite,or PocketGo? with Palm; or maybe something under Java ? Well, maybe one more thing, CGoban2 on Palm, would it work .. ?

PLS edit this page if you have some interesting pages or info, etc. Thanks

not only igo player, also [ext] painter in Japan, visit home page containing photos, engineering, and sure GO. Personal points of view about the igo game in Romania , Japan, Thailand. Pages contain a guide to learning go, playing on internet, KGS , IGS, and a few pictures.

so, see you around Go-Ban !

[ext] paulgrangure Go portal, site, forum

and after your visit, come here and leave a note, let me know your opinion of how to improve the site, thank you !

[ext] grangure's page

oh ya, the IGO section from the page is here: [ext] grangure Igo page

TJ:Welcome to SL! Links to your go page are, sadly, broken: both the above one and from your homepage get a no-such-user page or somesuch.

Thank you TJ for letting me know, I will fix the problem today. Ah, I just posted this page and my homepage was not ready for you people, I appologize !

 Not to worry, the problem will be fixed.
 again, thank you for comments.

Okay, I finished the page where anybody is invided to write own experiences and knowledge about IGO, HOW you started, and what interesting things happened on GoBan. Because manytimes we don't have who to tell all the things about Igo, and there are not many people outside the Go circle that would understand. So, here you can ..release and Share your experience, and from this, other people can learn some.

[ext] grangure's Igo story place

  See you around the goban.

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