atulab: white's cutting framework is composed of kosumis, so we won't be able to cut it if we don't give him a very good reason of doing so However, if he persists on connecting his stones, we can simply play the sequence in the diagram and we'll have won Of course, white can just play W4 at a to counter our beautiful plan ^^ but then the link between his stones is weakened ! let's try to aim at this weakness


atulab: B1 here is a some kind of probe: the 2 circled stones play a pivotal role in the problem, and we can't play here before we know how white answers W2 is the "all-out" answer: white could give up by playing at b or he could fail by playing at b (which I'll refute later) now we forced white to make a choice: we only have to capture some cutting stones ^^

Black to play and connect underneath  

atulab: a and b are miai: white can't escape

other possibility  

atulab: a and b are miai for connection notice how this time we played on the other side of the kosumi: order of moves is important ^^


xela: What happens now?

atulab: W2 here, weakens even more the link between the white stones. B3 here, protects W1 and attacks another kosumi: white is unable to connect both at a and at b: his stones are dead

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