atulab: I'll try to present my way of thinking about problems which I call "wishful playing" (you'll understand why in a moment) Here, just crawling on the edge doesn't work, so we have to find a tesuji (this is obvious: we're working on a problem after all)

So, we can find 2 weak points in black position: -his escape route to the center is very weak: a stone at a threatens this directly -b looks very interesting because if black connects at c, white can cut at a: too bad connecting at d isn't obviously wrong

so now, on with my attempt:

attempt n1, part 1  

atulab: W1 and W3 look like the obvious (naive ?) way of connecting W5: white attacks the weak point in order to give black a clumsy shape. (I'm not sure this is appropriate: I feel like this exchange destroys ko threats) after W7, black must make a decision: should he connect to resist ? of play the ko ?

case A: black connects  

atulab: black can't get away ! hurray !

case B: ko  

atulab: black has to chose between 3 moves: -the a points don't work: the cutting stones will get captured when white plays b -this leaves B1: white now has 2 local ko threats Can we call this result satisfactory for white ? I'm not sure ...

local ko threats  

atulab: W1 and W3 are the ko threats I mentionned

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