Gokyo Shumyo, Section 3, Problem 5 / Attempts


xela: Compare section 1, problem 20

unkx80: It is usually better for W9 to descend at a to make a ten thousand year ko. But I have another comment for W1 as well. See below.


xela: This W1 looks tempting, but I think that black can kill with B2.


unkx80: I have not figured out the solution yet, but is there a counter for B2 and B4?

xela: Ah, I missed B6. No, it looks to me like white is dead.


xela: This looks interesting, but I don't have time to work out the variations right now. I'll think more about this later, unless someone else solves it first!


unkx80: Another hurried refutation?

Actually, I thought that the diagram you labelled "failure" might actually be the solution.

maybe not a failure?  

xela: I had previously thought that W7 didn't make an eye, but now I see the squeeze at 'a'.

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