Gokyo Shumyo, Section 3, Problem 32 / Attempts


xela: I think this is the key point, but there are many variations...

variation 1  

xela: This is the first thing I saw. Does white have a better way to resist?

variation 2  

xela: This is the same shape as problem 2. (Black has an extra liberty, but the same sequence still works?)

variation 3  

xela: If white tries W2, this is where I get confused. I think B3 and B5 still threaten to capture the marked stones, so black can still get ko this way.

variation 4  

xela: W4 looks tricky, but black can live unconditionally?

variation 1  

unkx80: The first thing you saw might not be correct?

xela: It wouldn't be the first time such a thing has happened :-) Thanks again for the feedback, I am certainly learning a lot from attempting these problems. I hope it is at least entertaining for the audience!

Black has tesuji:

variation 1  

I think (1) is the move





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