Go server for the future


What would we like the ideal go server to be able of?

Now (august 2011) there are different online go servers and turn-based go servers.

All have some good things in them but unfortunately all are also missing some other options that I guess users would like.

This is just a kind of general forum where you can put your wishes for any go server for the future. This page is not to promote some existing program (there are other pages for this purpose) but to come with one big user wishlist for go software writers.

But if you have seen an option in a program and think it would be a good addition to other go programs add it here. (and if it is a rare addition give the name of the program as well)

The setup of this page is a bit thematic. please add it under the appropriate heading. (or create a new heading for it)

The spark that started this page was the start of Kaya.gs an project to make the go server for the future

See also:

Table of contents

Graphics, Interface

  • Board Display
    • having just a board on screen but toggle to a more containing format easily
    • chose between different board appearances
  • as in Simultaneous Go, have all the boards visible on one page for the player playing them all. Be able to zoom in to one of them when needed.
  • avatars for the players

tournament systems

Game invitations

  • Have a waiting room.

Time systems

  • Time systems be able to choose of the many different time systems
  • be able to play online and turn based games on the same server.

Playing Go

  • Scoring
    • scoring end positions under different rule sets, and be able to change the rule sets in games, (for correcting mistakes ed) (as Many Faces of Go)
    • possible to chose between different engines for score evaluation
    • show assumed dead stones
    • toggle status of assumed dead stones (as Many Faces of Go)
    • giving information how the score is reached (not just white wins by 2.5 points but also how many territory for each player, captured stones ed.) (as Many Faces of Go)

Escaper policy

Online Go (connect and play on Go servers)


  • be able to play as gobot

Studying professional games

  • Lots of professional games to download.

Analysing games.

Go Problems

Sgf support

  • be able to download sgf's
  • be able to upload sgf, s for conditional moves

Other wishes

  • multi language support. (not everybody speaks English)
  • supporting all OS
  • linking to Sensei's Library for go terms

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