Go Go Igo

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Go Go Igo is the name of the Umezawa Yukari's elementary go lessons following the Hikaru no Go anime.

They can be found on Youtube - [ext] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6EoGXdLaD-GZBq-OqU2JNQ It's also the name of a site featuring 5x5 Go for beginners: [ext] http://www.gogoigo.com (site down)

In episode 69 she talks about Kyuba (Urgent Point) vs Oba (Big Point), Play urgent moves before big moves. Oba is defined as "A place that just will increase territory or decrease your opponent's territory." Kyuba as "A place you have to play at immediately."

It looks very much like oba and kyuba are a pair (and so should be treated that way here at SL).

Velobici: What do you mean by a pair and are there other examples in Sensei's Libary ?

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