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Have any Gentoo users been able to run glGo? It requires a library ( that Portage seems to be missing (it only has Short of manually compiling a library (generally not reccomended in Gentoo), does anyone know how to get by this? Expat is an XML parser, I can't see that an app like glGo would need a bleeding-edge XML parser...

Please please please help :( If you want, my e-mail is [email] --Hikaru79


Sorry for answering so late, I don't check this Wiki often.

The dependency is pulled in by wxGTK. As I compile the thing on Debian, the current Debian expat library is used, which is Some other Linux distros like Suse (no idea about Gentoo, never used it) come with older versions. On Suse I could simply create a link to libexpat and glGo runs fine:

cd /usr/lib

ln -s

I suppose that trick should work on Gentoo as well.


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