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Gronk: I wish someone would publish "Get Strong at Nigiri." Isn't this the most crucial aspect of an even game? Why? Because if you can win always (or almost) then you never have to worry about studying one color. You can devote all your energy to only studying black, say. How have these fine publishers missed this important topic? Or, is it out there but I haven't found it?

anon: I am currently running an online BGA tournament. We found during the first two weeks that there was absolute correlation between who won the roshambo for Nigiri and who won the actual game of Go. Therefore I am fully in favour of this valuable addition.

ilanpi: There are already many web sites devoted to this, check out for example [ext]

Gronk: Yes, good point ilanpi. A good book on this topic should cover the little-understood connection between nigiri in go and nigiri in sushi. To western minds, this is a difficult point....<later> And if you scroll down to the bottom of the page to which ilanpi refers, you will see a book about "parties" which clearly is a misspelling of "parodies." So, it seems there is confusion on multiple fronts.

ilanpi: You are correct about misspelling, but it is a different one. That is, the book about Nigiri should be called Get Strong At Go Parities.

Gronk: Oh, clever indeed! The binary nature of this topic is quite rich. Nigiri, in a sense breaks parity etc., etc.,...

ilanpi: Thanks Gronk! Here is my favorable recommendation for you book: "Due to Gronk's book 'Get Strong at Nigiri', I have been able to win the odd even game."

Gronk: Oh no, I am not qualified to write the book, though I am happy to review it, or eat it, or whatever. You see, I'm too confused about nigiri, parity. I'm even oddly perplexed by the whole publishing thing. Someone else will have to do it.

ilanpi: How about "Get Strong at Death", by Fujiwara no Sai, the strongest dead player of all time.

Calvin: "Get Strong at Miai" actually might be a good book! I would buy it if it existed. It is not always easy to see miai, but it's important in opening and important in some tesuji, like the clamp.

Charles Shouldn't that be "Get Strong at Not Playing Out Miai"?

unkx80: I think both. Seeing miai and not playing it out are not exactly the same things. Of course, both can be turned into parodies. So perhaps you want "Get Strong At Understanding Miai", which might combine both. ;)

Charles But that should be a real book ... I suggest Get Strong at Counting Miai and its twin Get Strong at Miai Counting.

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