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This match variant was contrived by my father and myself. Originally he thought it up for chess but I thought it would work great with go as a clash of teachers. If such a game already exists, please tell me. --BlueWyvern

This type of match would be best suited to be played between senseis and their students. Each sensei (General) would bring to the match some set number of students (Soldiers), perhaps three. Once the match starts, for each move, a sensei would have some short amount of time to consider the board, something like 15-30 seconds, before which he must choose one of his students to play the next move. Each student would have some time limit, perhaps 30 minutes to an hour to think after he has been chosen. Once a students time runs out, he must place a stone within 30 seconds and is then no longer eligable to play. The sensei would of course have to know his students well and consider which one would be best suited for each different position on the board. He might use one student for the opening, one for the middle game and one for the endgame, or he might decide to use them more evenly. I think this might be an interesting match to watch.

derPlumps asks: What is so great about it?

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