White: Cho Chikun
Black: Kato Masao
27th Meijin
Round 2
Transcribed by JBvR
Added to SL by Jared

March 1st 2005 Jared: I'm adding this page to illustrate Kiai in a professional game. I will not add the entire game.

1 - 10  

Please look at the opening up to move 27. The example of Kiai I would like to show is on move 28.

11 - 20  
21 - 27  
White 28 is Kiai  

When Black (Kato) plays a peep with the marked stone, White (Cho) does not simply connect at a. This is fighting spirit; kiai.

Black 29 is also Kiai  

Not to be outdone, Kato does not simply play the solid connection at a, but plays a peep which "at the same time" defends the cut at a.

Move 30-32 .. White 30 is also Kiai  

Finally, a third Kiai move is played. White 30 does not simply connect at a. Black finally connects with 31, and White fixes the corner with 32.

Three Kiai moves in a row shows us the fighting spirit of the pros.

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