GR Game 1

    Keywords: Ongoing game

This is a RenGo. The teams average about 14k (EGF):

White: PPAdams and BenH

Black: MattHope and Migeru

Tromp-Taylor Rules, with 0.5 Komi

GR Game 1 (moves 1-10)  

MattHope B1:

ppadams W2:

Miguel B3: I don't know anything better to do, really.

BenH W4:

MattHope B5: made sense at the time

ppadams W6: White already looks to have the smaller side.

Miguel B7: This is safe.

Alex: Actually, this is probably zokusuji (crude play). I can't really go into it while the game is in progress, because it would give you both hints at coming sequences, but remind me to bring it up later.

Migeru: That is why you are 3D and I am just 9K. I'll remind you when the dust settles in this area of the board.

BenH W8:

MattHope B9: I believe this to be reasonably unagressive and safe. Not sure if I should have tried dropping down to the edge just yet or not

Alex: This is what I thought you might play, and the reason I said B7 is zokusuji. Pushing into a knight's move is almost never correct unless it is immediately followed by a cut. There are rare exceptions, of course.

MattHope: I see... Since the follow up of (in this case) W8 promptly gives white the option of putting B7 in atari on the next move as well as threatening to push in 'over the top' though that is thankfully prevented (or at least made much trickier) thanks to B3. Should my B5 have been at B9's position instead?

Alex: I don't think B5 should have been at B9; too early for contact moves. Since you're playing Black with only 0.5 komi on such a small board, simple moves like B5 should be enough to win.

As for why Black's shape is so bad, there are two reasons: first, part of the reason the B1-B7-B9 shape is often good is that it threatens to bend the opponent around with a move at the point at W6. When that stone is already in place, that threat is absent, so the shape is not as good. Second, when White can give atari as she did in the game and there is a Black stone at B5, it results in an empty triangle if Black connects. Of course, Black should tenuki instead of connecting, but that doesn't change the fact that the shape is bad - if you're forced to ignore an atari because connecting would give you terrible shape, your shape was probably terrible to begin with.

MattHope: I see, thank you for the analysis. I always worry on a 9x9 board against stronger opposition that an attempt at strategic play will leave such a tactical mess that ends up overwhelming any benefit due to the reduced size. Does play on a 9x9 board tend to over emphasise certain behaviours in weaker payers?

Migeru: B1 B7 B9 is good shape, but I think I know what Alex meant about zokusuji.

Alex: I disagree. B1-B7-B9 is fairly terrible shape with W6 already in place. Also, B5 is almost completely redundant. All Black has done in this sequence is fix White's weaknesses while strengthening himself comparatively little.

ppadams W10: Hopefully this is sensible and not wasting a chance elsewhere.

Migeru: I like it for white: it is a good dual-purpose move that both attacks and defends.

GR Game 1 (moves 11-20)  

Migeru B1: Top or bottom, that is the question. I think this is bigger, but is the bottom more urgent?

BenH W2:

MattHope B3: what else :)

Migeru Small thinking, Matt :-)

MattHope I couldn't find the 30 point move to make it worth it APonnukiIsWorthThirtyPoints :)

Migeru The ponnuki page says "a good ponnuki is under-concentrated, not overconcentrated". Too many surrounding white stones.

ppadams W4: Safe but dull?

Migeru IMHO it is sente.

Migeru B5:

BenH W6: Time to get a bit more aggressive, I think.

MattHope B7: I don't think we can afford to let the invading group link up with the very solid group on the left. Not sure If I should have gone one to the left. I felt that reducing the liberties of the invading stone in return for shrinking the territory by 2 or 3 was a reasonable tradeoff given my lesser ability to 'see' the strength of the invasion

Migeru Playing one space to the left might have pre-empted W8, but the best answer to B7 is probably playing on top (on the 3-3 point). By the way, going back to the previous diagram (moves 1-10), given that B3 is already on the 4th line from the right, B5 is too far to the left. Now you can see why.

MattHope:indeed the crappiness of B5 is becoming more and more apparent.

ppadams W8: How much more aggressive?

Migeru B9: Geez, some serious damage control is needed.

BenH W10:

GR Game 1 (moves 21-30)  

MattHope B1: hope the time spent thinking this through pays off :)

Migeru: Playing at W4 may be better.

ppadams W2: I think up is the way to go (hopefully). I was expecting Ben to go up on his last turn.

MattHope: I think Ben was right with W20 since it was sente in that it required a response down there or we would have lost the SE corner for sure (I could of course be wrong). I did play through this line so here's where we find out if my analysis works...

BenH: I had played W20 intending it to be sente, but then later realised that me might have failed in the SE corner. But since it got a response, I'm happy enough.

Migeru B3: Ayayayayayayay.

BenH W4: Both corners are just so inviting...

MattHope B5: not much option

ppadams W6: I think white is not necessarily playing honestly.

Migeru B7: Oh, really? Well, it's the nature of RenGo.

BenH W8:

Migeru: Ok, Matt, only you can save the day now.

MattHope B9: This saves the SE corner but I can't play through the top in my head. Previously you said that on the second row you needed wall of 7 to live, and 6 depended on other stones. I'm hoping the arrangement at the top prevents this

ppadams W10: It's all feeling pretty doomed.

GR Game 1 (moves 31-40)  

Migeru B1: Urgent and safe.

BenH: I don't think there's any way we can trick Matt into anything stupid enough to let us win at this point, so we might as well resign.

ppadams: Agree. New game on a bigger board maybe.

MattHope: suggest 13x13

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