Fwiffo Donation


This donation drive is now closed.

Hi, everyone. It seems that fwiffo has gotten a little more bad luck than he deserves. He's contributed a lot to the growth of L19, and I'd like to see if we can help him get through it.

Among the other misfortunes he has encountered recently was the theft of his bike and backpack and book. I want to get enough donations to partially or completely replace those. A backpack can be replaced for under 50 US Dollars, and a decent bike can be had for 300-400. ( This, BTW, is why I posted asking about the exact makes and models ) The book can be bought used for 40.

I'm not sure exactly how to go about doing this. One way would be to open a paypal account, everyone makes donations to it, then we tell him about it and give him the password. ( This works if we don't know what type of bike of if it is just too expensive for us ) Another would be to find a bicycle dealer in the Ft Myers area who accepts paypal and everybody pays him. The dealer then delivers to his home.

EDIT: Judging from PMs that I have received, opening a paypal account seems preferred. I'll do that tonight.

Assuming that we can find a workable scheme that eveyone likes, I'm in for 50 US dollars.

Is anyone else willing to join me?

-Joaz Banbeck

I'd throw in... but I don't get a salary until October...


i got 44 and change sitting in a paypal account i havent touched in months. i just wouldve spend it on drugs and go anyway


I'm good for about 50 bucks too, once my tax return comes in which should be in a week or two.

POGO Ill try and get some money together aswell. Just gotta see how my next paycheck is.

I too will aslo try to help. I won't get any substanial funds for a few weeks but I'll be sure to contribute.


Yeah, I'm in for some money, sure.


I wanted to buy him a beer, so this seems like a nice substitute. -daal

I don't have a lot of spare cash, but I'll throw in a little. -MountainGo

Same as above, I'll try to help as much as I can -ketchup

Thank you for organizing this, Joaz. Great idea. I'll do my part soon. -deja

I've donated also, hope it does help out a little bit to ease some of the problems he is having. - ketchup

Now up to $388.39

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