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Seems that b is quite a good move. It rescues several points, allows for another 1 point gote play, and when the other side plays the sente, you answer it, have lost 1 point, but gained more by having played b. In other words: b is just as a is a 1 point sente, but it is "more sente" as the followup to that sente move is more points for the opponent if ignored (2 points vs 1 if I'm correct)

Remember, both W1 and B are "reverse sente" for White. Since Black won't answer in any event, it doesn't really matter which one is "more sente" for B. (This is an important general point - one sente move may threaten to kill a group, and another just to reduce 5 more points, but if they're both 1pt sente, it doesn't matter which one B gets to play.) The point is that W1 gains 1pt in reverse sente (F9) whereas B gains 1pt in reverse sente (D5) and still gives W a chance to create 1pt with the double-gote follow-up (B5).

Bill: b is 1.5 pt. reverse sente, the largest play on the board.

(Black has 6 prisoners; White 2)  

Orthodox play:

(Black has 6 prisoners; White 2)  

After B10 gains 0.5 pt., it looks like Black can win the ko.

White error:

(Black has 6 prisoners; White 2)  

No ko fight. One pt. worse for White, assuming that Black wins the ko in the orthodox diagram.

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