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This is a page that classifies all the different types of connections, from the trivial to the wildly obscure.

The definition of a connection between two chains belonging to a player is that even if the other player plays first, there is no way she can prevent the groups being connected.

0. Direct connection Well, this is the case where the two chains have already been joined into a single one with a solid connection. Nuff said

1. Diagonal connection. a and b are miai to connect the two black stones  
2. Corner connection. Even with a cutting stone at the 2,2 point, the two groups are connected  
3. One stone edge connection. The stone on the edge connects the two stones on the second line  
4. multiple stone edge connection (illustrated with two connecting stones). The stones on the edge connects the two stones on the second line  
5. Second line single stone false connection. The single stone on the second line do not properly connect the two stones on the third line, as white can play both cuts to attack the connecting stone  
6. Second line multiple stone connection (illustrated for three stones variant). The stones on the second line connect the stones on the third line tactically, as stones that attempt to cut get captured after being chased to the edge.  

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