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Eggplant's personal page.

about me

Hi. I like Go. I'm around 5k.

ASR league Delta (mosh pit!!)

progress diary

1986-2003: learned rules, sporadic playing with random people like Dad

  • Games played: about 15
  • strength: 15k?

2007, I learned with Jing when he visited. I felt I got a lot stronger due to having a "rival." Would have been more efficient if we kept playing.

  • Games played: 15
  • strength: 12-10k?

2008-2009: met Greg. Pretty much only played with Greg, but was very eye-opening to finally meet a high-dan player. Also met Jin, Andrew, and Ssam, though didn't have time to play.

  • Games: 11. At this point started saving all games as sgf, which was very helpful.
  • strength: 10k-9k?
  • introduced to Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go
  • started reading Sensei's Library

2010: met Adam, Alexis, Dan. Attended Guo Juan workshop:

  • games: 39 (In retrospect, this is key to improvement =D Games take so long though... hard to fit in schedule)
  • started doing tsumego, though not too much.
  • strength: 7k?
  • went to first tournament (MIT) as 7k. Result: 1-3.
  • Study: finished books such as Attack and Defense, Second Book of Go,

11/2010 - 2/2011: hiatus due to project

2/2011 - 5/2011 restarted training program, mostly via advice of Alexis and Dan

  • started to play ranked games on KGS
  • games: 66 (again, the observation is that games = improvement =D) Games are time-consuming though.
  • KGS ranking 6k (4/22/2011)
  • KGS ranking 5k (5/13/2011)
  • great help: Wang Yuan's video lectures on fundamentals. Asking self the reason of fundamental moves was really helpful.

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