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"I am the pretty pretty princess welcome to my enchanted castle please have some bread"

I think that's a really cute saying. It's also an IRC channel over on efnet.

Hi, I'm Cookie3.

I run a big website, which is very easy to find. I won't give the name of it here, but I'll wager someone sooner or later will recognize my nickname and hunt me down.

I'm an ex-Chess player who during the height of my career was ranked amongst the Top 10 players in my high school. The top player was rated 1523 by the US Chess Federation. I figure I was in the 1250-1300 range although I was never officially rated.

As far as Go is concerned, I'm probably a mid-20kyu range player. This has not significantly changed since I began playing in June 2002, primarily because I play an average of 1 game per month (thank you, class and work schedules)

I am also a member of AGA as of 1/9/03, and will remain a member until 2006. Yay me. Depending on my progress as a Go player, I will probably resubscribe.

I aim to be single digit kyu no later than Summer 2004. That is, of course, assuming I actually have enough time to play enough games to actually get near that ranking.

My current weaknesses include: Poor counting skills Terrible joseki knowledge/reading The incredible belief that I actually have some skill in this game, and thus should spend both time and money on it.

Also, there is an IRC Go chat channel forming! Check out #igo on

What I'm planning to post to Hikaru No Go/Archive: Cookie3

I'm not a lawyer, but.. It is illegal to distribute Hikaru no Go to or from any nation that has signed the Berne Convention. The Hikaru no Go license-holders are granted the exclusive worldwide distribution rights for their product until a point at which they decide to sell them to another company. Any country that has signed the Berne Convention is expected to respect the copyrights of the other signing nations. Furthermore, the Berne Convention protects both original works as well as translations -- the license-holders retain their right to translate HnG however they wish, as well as to sell it to the other nations in whatever manner they wish. Fansub distribution is unauthorized duplication and distribution of a protected work. As this is a violation of Japanese copyright law, it is therefore illegal to distribute in any country that has signed the Berne Convention. References:

The Berne Convention ([ext]

Members of the Berne Convention ([ext]

Also note that it's perfectly legal to -produce- a fansub, provided you own the source material (which means one could legally produce the first 33 episodes of fansubs legally). The legal issue only applies to the distribution thereof.


Cookie3: The real Japanese DVDs may be purchased at CDJapan ([ext], simply search for "Hikaru no Go" DVDs. They're Region 2 encoded, with Japanese audio and no subtitles.

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