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The Children's Kisei (こども棋聖戦) is a Japanese children's amateur tournament began in 2011. It is an open (that is, mixed gender) event.

The tournament has two sections; the Lower Elementary School Section (低学年, 1st - 3rd grade) and the Upper Elementary School Section (高学年, 4th - 6th grade). Note that inseis, often the best talented children of the generation, are not allowed to participate.

(Note on age bracket: British readers should note that the American 6th grade is the same age bracket as the traditional British 1st Year and Year 7 under the new numbering, that is to say age 11-12. The age bands of the other grades can be deduced by counting down.)

In the 11th (2021) edition, a girl reached the final of the Lower Elementary School tournament for the first time, the 3rd grader Nonaka Yuki of Saitama. For more information about Yuki, see this [ext] L19 post by Fairbairn, and his corrected version of events at the bottom of this article.


The winners of both divisions are listed on the [ext] Japanese Wikipedia page, currently up to 2018.

The winner of the lower division is always from the third grade.

So far, three winners have become professionals.

Ed. Yr. Lower Division Upper Division
1st 2011 川口飛翔 Kawaguchi, Saitama Pref. 林隆羽 Hayashi, 5th g., Saitama Pref.
2nd 2012 犬丸翔太 Kanagawa Pref. 川口飛翔 Kawaguchi, 4th g., Saitama Pref.
3rd 2013 Sakai Yuki, Tokyo I Ryo, 6th gr., Tokyo
4th 2014 Fukuoka Kotaro, Tokyo 森田拳 Morita, 6th g., Tokyo
5th 2015 羽根和哉 Hane, Aichi Pref. 田口昂征 Taguchi, 6th g., Tochigi Pref.
6th 2016 向井俊成 Mukai, Hyogo Pref. Fukuoka Kotaro, 5th g., Tokyo
7th 2017 川端篤士 Osaka Pref. 保田翔太, 6th g., Aichi Pref.
8th 2018 鈴木唯斗 Suzuki, Chiba Pref. 桑原樹 Kuwabara, 4th g., Tokyo
9th 2019 長尾想太 Nagao, Ishikawa Pref. 鈴木唯斗 Suzuki, 4th g., Chiba Pref.
10th 2021 遠藤壮一郎 Endo, Tokyo (?) 渡利大遥, 5th g., Kyoto

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bugcat: @JohnF On L19, you said that the 2021 edition was won by Nakano Yuki of Saitama (and I'm sure you're correct). But the Japanese Wikipedia gives "遠藤壮一郎(小3・東京)", which looks to me like "Endo ???, 3rd g., Tokyo".

JohnF. That was my mistake, occasioned by the fact that all the fuss was made about little Nonaka (e.g. only she got her photograph published, holding a gold cup with Iyama. But a check shows that that was just for reaching the final. and the game record (in GoGoD) indeed shows Endo Soichiro was the winner. Winners don't always get to write the histories!

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