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Childrens Go Problems
1998, reprinted 2006

Childrens Go Problems Korean Go Institute

兒童圍棋階梯講義 (lit. Childrens Go Ladder Lecture Notes), by Hankuk Kiwon.

  • Volume 1 講義1 957-9544-49-2
  • Volume 2 講義2 957-9544-50-6
  • Volume 3 講義3 957-9544-51-4
  • Volume 4 講義4 957-9544-52-2
  • Volume 5 講義5 957-9544-53-0
  • Volume 6 講義6 957-9544-54-9
  • Volume 1 Answer Booklet 講義1解答本 957-9544-71-9
  • Volume 2 Answer Booklet 講義2解答本 957-9544-72-7
  • Volume 3 Answer Booklet 講義3解答本 957-9544-73-5
  • Volume 4 Answer Booklet 講義4解答本 957-9544-72-7
  • Volume 5 Answer Booklet 講義5解答本 957-9544-72-7
  • Volume 6 Answer Booklet 講義6解答本 957-9544-73-5

The books listed above are Taiwanese translations of the Korean originals. As of October 2008, there does not appear to be a Mainland Chinese edition (based upon searches for 儿童围棋阶梯讲义).


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Malweth: These books have little written Chinese in them and are therefore very easy to figure out. I'm still not sure why there are some sections with numbers and either "A" or "B" next to them - I don't think these correspond to the difficulty of the respective problem number because there aren't enough numbers (perhaps 75 "A" or "B" and 300 problems in the following section).

Each book has about 500 problems. The main problem section deals with Life and Death, the next section with Ko problems.

When I was perusing these books in Taiwan, I mistakenly looked at just the first few problems before deciding to only get volumes 5+6. I should have gotten the first four volumes as well as volume 5 reaches high kyu to dan level problems very quickly.

I would recommend 5 for 2k-2d, and 6 for 1d-3d (just estimates - I'm only 5-7k).

Sample Problems

Sample page from volume 6: [ext]

Malweth: If your books are taiwanese, try this page: [ext]

John Pinkerton?: It appears that the ISBN's for the children's go problems series aren't correct. There are not 6 unique numbers. Based in the [ext] web page, it appears that the correct numbers are:

G3-155 兒童圍棋階梯講義1解答本    韓國棋院  109  9579544689
G3-156 兒童圍棋階梯講義2解答本    韓國棋院  119  9579544697
G3-157 兒童圍棋階梯講義3解答本    韓國棋院  129  9579544700
G3-158 兒童圍棋階梯講義4解答本    韓國棋院  99  9579544719
G3-159 兒童圍棋階梯講義5解答本    韓國棋院  99  9579544727
G3-160 兒童圍棋階梯講義6解答本    韓國棋院  99  9579544735

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