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Bob Myers: The main page says that Canadian timing often follows absolute timing, but the page on absolute timing says that if you run out of time you just lose. This seems confused, or at least inconsistent.

Robert Pauli: If you stick two time systems together, pipe them, it's understood that falling out the first enters the second. How else could one combine them? If main time would be part of Canadian Timing, we couldn't parallelize it with Japanese Timing. Absolute Timing also is about not rounding time spent. So, it's totally consistent (at least that :--).

Chris Hayashida: Robert, I'm sorry, but that's completely screwed up. Absolute time should only mean "sudden death." No piping, nothing else. You could call the time before Canadian overtime "main time," "free time," "thinking time," or just about anything else. But I have never heard anyone say "you have 30 minutes absolute time and five minutes overtime for every 25 moves."

As for comparing the free time to the Japanese time system: Most people assume that if you have 5 minutes left, and you take 30 seconds for a move, you have 4 minutes and 30 seconds left. :)

It's more confusing to try and draw parallels between the definitions if just makes the definitions more complicated.

Robert Pauli: I'm not suggesting Absolute Time but Absolute Timing, or, if you like, Absolute Time System. If you use 20 seconds under Absolute Timing, 20 seconds fall off your clock. If you use 20 seconds under (minute-wise) Japanese Timing, zero seconds fall off your clock. Either can be in your main time. Let's put it this way:

  • Main Time is filled into the clock, it's the input
  • Absolute Timing is wired into the clock, it's the mechanics

Can you screw that together, Chris? :--)

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