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A game of Go can be considered as the realization of the choices available to the players involved. The quality of the game played is dependant on the meanings of the moves played. Certain moves lead to various different branches of game continuation.

What are the options available to each player? This page intends to examine the continuations and explain a theory of opening play.

The theme of this page can be observed at: HowManyDifferentTypesOfSymmetryInGo

Opening Moves available to players on a 19x19 Board

The first move on the board by Black sees a total of 55 possible opening plays (eliminating differences in rotation and transposition).

1st move: 55 possibilities for Black  


Depending on Black's choice of move, White has a varied number of responses (eliminating differences in rotation and transposition). A Black tengen play maintains symmetry throughout the board.

White response to tengen; 54 possibilities  

? White stone is closer to the edge of the board than the Black stone

- White has less possible choices of moves than Black had.

Halved Symmetry

If Black plays on a diagonal or vertical/horizontal point of symmetry, half the board is still the mirror image of the other half.

Vertical/Horizontal symmetry (no tengen); 189 possibilities  
Diagonal symmetry (no tengen)); 189 possibilities  

Same situational outcome as the previous diagram.

The remaining Black options create an instant asymetrical relationship with the board.

Black's asymetrical move lets White have 360 possibilities  

The 3rd move has a maximum of 359 different positions. No stone is able to be captured until this move. Absolute symmetry is broken for the moment due to the fact that the White and the Black stone aren't the same colour.

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