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[ext] blosxom is a lightweight but powerful blog application written in Perl. It's really easy to modify and extend as well. A plugin is just a Perl module that is dropped into a plugin directory. There's nothing to restart, it just works. Some plugins can be configured via a few variables as well.

Since in [ext] my blog I'm likely to refer to Sensei's Library quite a bit, I wrote a blosxom plugin that makes it easy to create links to Sensei's Library without having to construct the URLs and link markup manually.

The plugin is available for [ext] download. Here is how to use it:

A link in a story like this:

 <SL:RecentChanges>latest updates</SL>

is turned into a link like this:

 <a href="">latest updates</a>

You don't need to escape non-alphanumeric characters in topics. For example, to link to a subpage of a topic, use:


If you don't provide a topic to link to in the <SL> tag, the link text is wikified and used instead. Therefore, the same result as above can be obtained by

 <SL>Recent Changes</SL>

Like normal HTML, the tag isn't case sensitive, so you could also use <sl>.


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