White first  

B2 elsewhere.

W1 is honte. Later, W3 is an ambiguous move. Both W3 and B4 gain 1 pt., so the count remains the same. The final local score is +1 (for Black).

Black first  

Black plays on the same point.

To evaluate this position we look at the follow-ups.

White follow-up  

White can follow up with W1 - W3. The final local score is +3.

Black follow-up  

Black can follow up with B1. Black has 4 pts. of territory, and threatens to capture white+circle in ko. We count 1/3 point for Black in the ko, since he is 1/3 of the way towards capturing the stone. So the count is 4 1/3.

Black first  

Since this is a gote position, we evaluate it as the average of its follow-ups, (3 + 4 1/3)/2 = 3 2/3. Each play from here gains 2/3 point.

Original position  

The original position is also a gote, and we evaluate it as (1 + 3 2/3)/2 = 2 1/3. Each play from it gains 1 1/3 pt.

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