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White kills  

splice: Here is how Black dies. If the circled black stone was at W3, Black could live. Disclaimer: Not my own work, snagged the sequence from Two Space Notchers Not Fully Connected.

Does White kill?  

chtito: Does this work?

Escape in progress  

AdamMarquis: Not to the best of my reading. If white plays another W3, black will play there and have two eyes. But now white is in a position where if she takes away the second eye, black can leak into the left side. If white ataris B4, then black will simply make a second eye.

He ran, he ran so far away  

AdamMarquis: Now white cannot give up the stone in atari, because it is keeping the second eye false. But if the stone is saved, then black can run off diagram.

Black lives  

After B2, a and b are miai for life.

How can white kill if black responds like so?:

Black Still Dies  

Dahvied?:Because no one else did, I wondered how white could kill if black responded at 2 here. Not much different from the first example

Another variation  

stvltvs?: If Black responds at B4 instead of 'a', W5 still kills Black.

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