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Solution by lavalyn:

A peeping tom saves the day  

The peep must be answered or Black escapes to the strong reinforcements just outside White's walls. After B3, Black has two eyes.


Playing either a or b will leave White playing the other point - one eye only.

Black should have peeped first  

W2 takes away Black's potential eye and prevents the thrust - suicide either is forbidden or includes self-capture. Black dies here.

A peeping tom saves the day, Variation 1  

In case the peep is answered differently, the move order changes... eventually White will play at W4.

A peeping tom saves the day, Variation 2  
Black first to save his group at the corner.  

Black B1 is the vital point. White has to play at W2 to prevent the capture of the marked White stone(s). From there, Black secures the second eye by playing at B3. White has the choice of either 'a' or 'b' for the fifth play, but should choose 'a' otherwise White will lose a point of territory. If White tried to close off the potential eye at B3 by playing there after B1, Black can simply play where W2 is, White can't protect itself from this and will be captured; if White chooses this route then it will lose 3 more points of territory and 2/3 prisoners depending how White chooses to play.

Failure ?.  

What about this situation? If white answers at W2 he still can prevent black from creating two eyes.

Black would be putting himself into atari with that move at 3 which seems a little silly to me - VanEvery

not so fast  

Only if black wants to give it away... a and b are miai - Joshual000

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