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Solution by lavalyn:

One eye goes away  

W1 eliminates the eye at the edge - a and b are miai for the white group escape to safety.


W1 here fails after B2 - he will take the marked point without difficulty, making the second eye.

Peep first?  

While the peep of W1 must be answered, the kill still requires W3.

Take note of the 1-2-3 Principle. ---ProtoDeuteric

What about this?  

Curious to know what would happen if W1 was played. Looks right in my head.

unkx80: W1 is correct too as it makes miai of a and b but I don't think this will be encouraged because it might be making extra investment for the same returns.

victim: This will give B an extra ko threat at a. Always play in the way giving the opponent as few threats as possible (everything else being equal) and as small threats as possible.

EthrDemon?: Doesn't the miai of the first solution also give B a ko threat?

Dudzik: Yes, but this way gives black two of them: black a forces white b, and black still has the same threat as in the first solution.

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