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Ko or connect?  

Alex Weldon: If ko threats favor Black, I don't see any perfect moves for White, because a doesn't seem to work. The best I can come up with is this. W1 threatens a ko for the corner at B2, so Black connects there, and W3 connects the White group to safety outside, because W1 and W3 have a monkey jump relationship, and so can't be cut apart.

I don't see any way to connect out if White plays W1 at a, but maybe I'm wrong? The problem with W1 here is that if Black has better ko threats, he can play B2 somewhere around W3 to prevent connection, and then W3 at B2 starts a ko which Black takes first.


Dieter: How about One-two-three here (I know that is not a beginner's concept).

Quacki: (Unnerved) No, it isn't!

Bill: Yes, you're right, Dieter. :-)

What about B2?  

Brent: I think I understand the concept of one-two-three. (maybe.) But what if Black responds to W1 by taking the vital point of B2? To my eyes, at least, it looks like this simultaneously prevents a ko for the corner and cuts off the white stones. Am I missing something?

B8 takes ko (black+circle).

Bill: If Black resists with B6 and B8, White plays atari with W9 and Black cannot then connect at B5 because of damezumari.

Brent: Ohh, I see. For some reason it had not occurred to me to play W1 (forcing B2) before pushing out with W3. Thanks!


what if black dont respond the ko? (5 i dont know where to play)

unkx80: Please see ko fight. A possible ko threat is a.

Bill: Wb is a local threat.

How should white respond?  

Roger: How can white prevent black from splitting the two groups after B2? I can't seem to work it out.

Monkey jump (white gets two moves locally).  

LukeNine45: W3 threatens to kill the black corner with a ko. B4 makes the corner live, and W5 connects.

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