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introduces the randomly generated possibility of moving several times (n) in direct succession, hence without opponents intervention.

I made the following statements on the BasiliskGoServer:

  • Tommie361: white E7 was never possible in my view, as 'Heisen' and 'Planck' variations never touch the Go-rule that you cannot place a stone into an illegal position. It would be illegal to place a stone where i) it does not have any liberties AND ii) does not capture as well.
  • 163 Tommie361: Because 'Planck' parameter (at present) still let's you make 1 MOVE AT A TIME (!) , white E7 did not seem possible.
  • 163 Tommie361: Perhaps you could distinguish between variants with 'Planck (1)' and 'Planck (n)' whereby it will be decided beforehand how many moves n (usually n=1) there can be made. Of course, this should not be communicated to the player.
  • 163 Tommie361: However, here starts the problem of implementation: at present, the program gave me the important piece of information 'move not possible - illegal position'. You should not let your program give this information. The player would then (only ) risk to i) lose a stone + ii) a move.
  • 163 Tommie361: However, i) is quite irrelevant anyway in those positions where one has to rely on 'Planck (n)' to capture something.

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