Basic Instinct Counterexample 2

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Tactics

The following position is from a game I (Uberdude) played on OGS against another low-dan. The full game with the players' comments is [ext] here. I played following my basic instinct, but it was a big mistake.

White to play, will your instinct let you down?  

I played hane and black pushed out with the sequence below. Although black is pushing from behind he escapes. Notice black already has the stone marked with a square to defend the potential cut.

Game continuation 1, white hanes and black pushes out.  
Game continuation 2.  

Black has now escaped, and also has chances to counter attack white's group to the right. It would be much better to have not played hane, but take a step back and enclose with the one point jump as below.

Better idea. Black a is answered at b.  

Once put on the board this moves looks so much better; following the proverb, "attack from a distance". White is thick to the right and although black has lots of aji to work with I think he will struggle to live. Even if he does live white will get nice outside thickness, so better than the game.

Tapir: My basic instinct would tell me to reduce aji with c first. The Black group is still very weak even after one jump outwards.

Basic Instinct Counterexample 2 last edited by tapir on January 11, 2011 - 00:53
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