Baduk Terminology

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The current version of the document is 0.18.

maruseru: I've written a guide to Baduk terminology, translating Korean baduk terms, book titles and player names. This is a work in progress, compiled from many online and offline sources. There are still many things that can't be right. For example, some terms have multiple, partially conflicting, meanings, and there are several terms for the same thing.

There are five sections: The first section, "Baduk Terms", provides english translations for words and phrases often found in Korean baduk books. The second section, "Baduk Book Guide", provides translations for titles of Korean baduk books. The third section, "Baduk Titles and Events", lists the names of tournaments, titles and other important Baduk events. The fourth section, "Player Names", lists the names of korean (as well as other) players along with their romanizations. The last section, "Example Phrases" provides useful phrases to use on baduk servers or when speaking with your Korean baduk friends.

Entries are sorted according to hangeul alphabetical order. Pronunciation for the hangeul terms is given according to the Revised Romanization, which was officially introduced by South Korean authorities in 2000.

The main reason I've written this guide is that there are several small translation guides, but none of them is as comprehensive as I would like it to be. Also, I wanted to have something we (the Austrian Go Association) could give out freely as an incentive for people to buy and learn from korean baduk books. Of course, other distributors of korean books can offer this guide as well, but be aware that it's very much a work in progress. Release early, release often.

The contents of the linked PDF is licenced under a [ext] Creative Commons License. The reasons I chose this license are pretty much [ext] the same as those J. David Eisenberg had for his Korean language introduction.

Four links have been given to this PDF. All of them are dead and none were archived.

1. 2006-08
2. 2008-12
3. 2012-16
4. 2016-

However, a quick search turned up three links that are active as of 2021:

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