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Bill: I have gotten a couple of people interested in this game. 9x9 seems like a good size for serious play. Some of us were wondering about a snappier name, like Gone. (?)

Anyway, here is a 5x5 problem that I find difficult, but neat, too. Enjoy!

Black to play and win  

Impu1se: Very nice problem. There are two solutions, one of which looks like something you might do in normal go and the other like something you would never even consider. I won't post the solutions since I have yet to fully understand what's going on and only found them with computer assistance.

Bill: Ah, I missed the second solution, and I had computer assistance, too. (My intuition about this game is almost nil.)

Black has many plausible plays. Here is one that doesn't quite work.


B1 looks promising, threatening a to make an eye. Note White's throw-ins with W2 and W6. After W8 White's win is (fairly) clear.

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