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Ancient Go is a full 3D client for Windows, designed to be new player friendly with high quality graphics. It incorporates the Fuego AI and connects to OGS as a client.


Ancient Go is a 64 bit Windows program that uses Unreal Engine 4. As such the minimum requirements may be more than some expect. It is full 3D, you can move the camera with the mouse by hold the right mouse button down, and by scrolling. Graphics settings are tuned automatically based on the current frame-rate. It is possible to play on slower machines, but the graphics may tune down substantially for you.

For new players, suicide and ko are indicated with colored ghost stones, as well as self atari and snapback. It will indicate if the a self atari is a ko.

The AI used is a combination of Fuego and a custom AI. It is tuned to approximate 22 kyu, 18 kyu, 14 kyu, 2 dan. There are issues present which are in most AI's where on larger boards especially the AI fails to see larger strategy, but performs well in tactical situations. As such the AI ranks become significantly worse if play is geared to take advantage of this fact. It is possible for users to replace the Fuego.exe in the working directory with newer or custom versions as long as it can use the same input parameters.

There is online play available in through the OGS servers with over 400,000 registered users.

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