Amateur Fuseki 8

    Keywords: Opening

Both players are roughly shodan, but is the fuseki that good as well?

HolIgor: I am roughly IGS 1k*, KGS 1d, so I am roughly shodan, a little bit weaker perhaps. I have no idea what kind of fuseki is good for a shodan. If the players are shodans, they play shodan fuseki. It is not very good. Perhaps, I'd play differently, but everybody has his own style and his own drawbacks.

moves 1-10  
moves 11-20  

HolIgor: I was taught that 9 was the critical point of the formation. White played 8 giving black 9 which is perhaps not good, but why not try this?

bud1027 : Right, 9 is the critical point of the shape. But, locally speaking, it is hard to consider W8 as a bad move. W8 is a joseki. you may consider this case as an exceptional one.

As you know, there are no Go principles that don't have exceptions.

moves 21-30  

bud1027 B1 was bad. and B5 was a SERIOUS mistake.

Due to this mistake, white got corner and has connected each other.

happy sequence for white.

The following diagrams that are given below shows the right moves for black.

Right(and common) moves for black (1)  

This is the first joseki for black. if you dont like this, there is another choice.

Right(and common) moves for black (2)  

This is the second joseki.

The sequence of these two joseki is relatively peaceful. thus if you love peace@@@, i recommend these two ones.

but!!! if you love WAR, the third joseki is ready for you.

middle game fight... (3)  

B1 is the most aggressive move. playing this move, black makes white's 3-3 invasion impossible.

W2 is hitting the head of black's two stones, natural move.

B3, probably the only move for black in this situation.

after W6, middle game fight has begun.

this is last option for black.


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