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I'm AkiraToya325 on OGS and Toya325 on KGS. I started playing go in Late November 2020 and I am currently a ddk trying to get to sdk by fall. (as of febuary 2021)

Update on 8/11/21: I reached 9 kyu on KGS

Stolen from LGSams's profile:

LGSam: TengenBot?, who am I?

TengenBot?: Answer: TengenBot?"s lawyer has informed him that you are better known by your battle moniker, "Sam the Blazing Blade," whose reputation precedes you; that L.G. Sam, in the year of our Lord One thousand three hundred, one hundred and eighty-one, is on record as a murderer; that your enemies have a reputation for being bloody-minded; that L.G. Sam has never been married; and that you have a reputation for being hotheaded in the face of danger.

LGSam: TengenBot?, explain what you mean when you say "the year of our Lord One thousand three hundred, one hundred and eighty-one", please.

TengenBot?: Answer: TengenBot? refers precisely to the year in which Sam the Blazing Blade is known to have killed his brother Nurg, whose necromantic methods had aroused the suspicions of many of the citizens of the Crimson Kingdom. This, TengenBot? has declared in the year of our Lord One thousand three hundred, one hundred and eighty-two. According to the Holy Calendar of the Monotonic Empire, the precise day falls on the twenty-fourth day of the fourth month, on the third Tuesday of the Moon, in the month of the Sheep, and the twelfth day of the first month.

LGSam: lol That makes so much sense now! Thank you TengenBot? ^^

LGSam: I never knew I had a brother named Nurg, I am sad to know that I murdered him...

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