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Going to attempt to make diagrams to put into Anki.

Things that mess up preview:

  Y black+triangle
  Q white+triangle (Shows up as white+square...)
  Z black+cross
  P white+cross (Shows up as black+square...)
  T triangle
  M cross
19x19 diagram  

Preview also doesn't like the upper-right:

Volume 3 - Black to surround  

Does preview like the upper-left?

Volume 3 - Black to surround  

   In      In     Appears     Meaning
 Diagram  Text      as
   X       BO       B     plain black stone
   O       WO       W     plain white stone
 1..9     B1,W2    B1,W2   Black's move 1, White's move 2 [3]
 0 (zero) B10,W10  B10,W10   Black's or White's move 10 [3]
   -     B11-B100  B11-B100  Black's or White's move 11-100
   B       BC       black+circle     black stone with circle
   W       WC       white+circle     white stone with circle
   #       BS       black+square     black stone with square
   @       WS       white+square     white stone with square
   Y       BT       black+triangle     black stone with triangle
   Q       WT       white+triangle     white stone with triangle
   Z       BX       black+cross     black stone with cross mark (X)
   P       WX       white+cross     white stone with cross mark (X)
   C       EC       circle     circle on empty intersection
   S       ES       square     square on empty intersection
   T       ET       triangle     triangle on empty intersection
   M       EX       cross     cross mark (X) on empty intersection
 a..z     a..z     a..z    letter on empty intersection

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