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The Advanced Study Room League

The goal is to promote a standard time limit for learning purposes, versus pure competition, and review these games.

The ASR League is run as a pyramid rooms system similar to the Japanese Insei league system. Usagi spoke with a few former Insei about specifics. In those discussions it became apparent that the time limits and other details had been changed many times over the years, the implication being it was better to choose time limits suited to online play.

League Rules

Misc Stuff

  1. To join, send a private message to 'sente' on KGS. You will be added to the ASR League Waiting List.
  2. The game must be played at the standard time limit for the room. League games are played without handicap. Nigiri to choose colors. 6.5 Komi and KGS's version of Japanese rules.
  3. Both players should note that it is an ASR League game before the first few moves are played.
  4. Undo is permitted, providing both players agree. The same applies for adjournment. Please report any attempts to cheat to sente.
  5. The winner should report the result to sente in private message on KGS. Results can also be e-mailed to
  6. Scores for each tier are calculated monthly. A win is worth 2 points, while a loss is worth 0.5 points. Unplayed games are worth zero. The top two players from each room move up, while the two lowest scoring members of each room move down. The bottom six from the D-Tier (two from each room) are removed from the tournament.
  7. If you give *or* receive a game review in the league, please save it in your profile on KGS, so that we may link it to this page!


For information about past and future prizes, please refer to the months listed in the Archive section.

New rules from October's League

For groups of people with the same points, I used a SODOS system (sum of defeated opponent's scores). To break a tie I would consider who had played the person with the highest points, so that someone who played a 7 and a 5 point opponent would win over someone who has played two 6-point opponents.

example: those who were chosen to remain in A:

    evilgo 8 points, SODOS=21 (VincentMA(8), Andreyl(6), kadoban(7))  <--- 8-6-7
   zara8us 8 points, SODOS=21 (Wolferl(7), Ullmo(9), Dr4ch3(5))       <--- 7-9-5
     usagi 8 points, SODOS=21 (Druft(7), Lynx(7), Amlodhi(7))     <--- 7-7-7

evilgo and zara8us had an 8 and a 9, and usagi had all 7's, so usagi was placed into B while evilgo and zara8us were placed into A.

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