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(Resolved) Diagrams sometimes use MS mincho [#978]

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TheCount: (Resolved) Diagrams sometimes use MS mincho (2008-07-05 10:11) [#3358]

Very often, I see diagrams which have a different font to usual. That is, the numbered moves, B1, W4, etc. use the font MS mincho instead of whatever the usual one is. Having just googled the font, I realise it's got something to do with Japanese character display... or whatever. Anyway, it's obviously not intended that the font is inconsistent. I'm not sure if every else gets this problem. As far as I'm aware, there is always a "mistake" in the diagram which triggers the use of the wrong font. For example, if there are labelled points on the digram such as a and there are more than one point labelled with the same letter, the font goes to the different one (and also the labelled points lose their boldness).

Anyone else get this problem? Can anyone fix it without too much hassle?

fractic: ((no subject)) (2007-05-11 20:18) [#3362]

I've got the same problem. It looks less good then the normal font.

ArnoHollosi: please supply screenshots (2007-05-12 09:51) [#3363]

I have difficulty reproducing the problem.

When you encounter this could you please send me a screenshot + save the HTML page and send it to me by email?

TheCount: Re: please supply screenshots (2007-05-12 17:46) [#3365]

Okay, sent an email to ahollosi at xmp.net.

ArnoHollosi: Re: please supply screenshots (2007-05-21 06:47) [#3388]

Thanks for your help with the screenshot.

As far as I can tell, the "problem" must have occured some time back, when the graphics library was updated to a new version. Meanwhile (some months?) the graphics library has been updated yet again and everything looks normal.

As the diagrams are graphic files (PNG) stored on the server, the only way to change them is to edit the diagram (e.g. add a stone or anything,) save, edit and undo change, save again. Then the diagram is recreated. Catch: if the same diagram is on another page as well, it has to be changed on all pages before the old diagram is deleted and a new one constructed.

Still curious, why it is MS Mincho, because the server runs Linux and OpenSource? software and I find it unlikely that they have MS Mincho in their package :o) Or does "MS" stand for something else?

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