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What's the result of this semeai? [#9543]

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bugcat: What's the result of this semeai? (2020-08-21 16:57) [#11562]

Yesterday I was looking over a two-stone handicap game from 1902, between Shuei and Karigane. ([ext] http://ps.waltheri.net/database/game/41689/)

After White's peep at (33), a semeai position developed. But after (64), the diagram, White plays away and Black also doesn't seem to see the position as massively urgent. Black, though, returns on (70) to play A; and again on (94) to play B.

My questions are:

  • What's the result of the semeai at (64) and does it matter who plays first?
  • How does (70) change the position?
  • How does (94) further change things?
The position at (64)  
kmr: Re: What's the result of this semeai? (2020-08-21 20:40) [#11563]

Black played 94 in response to White 93 being at T15 (descend to edge from white move 47). After black played 94, he is alive, and white group on top is locally dead. I am not strong enough to judge what was before Black 70 - i guess it could be ko, and thats why black played 94 - to remove ko. If that is true, then white 93 was just a forcing move i guess. O hope that helps at least a bit.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2020-08-21 22:30) [#11564]

Thanks! Heh, I was so zoomed in on the semeai that I didn't see that (94) is obviously a response to (93), thanks for mentioning that c:

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