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Where to put tournament related suggestions? [#793]

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yoyoma: Where to put tournament related suggestions? (2006-12-17 21:04) [#2680]

I have a suggestion for tournaments, I'm thinking about creating a new top level section between 4 and 5. The suggestion itself is to improve the "by name/by result" page to be a cross table that includes results for each player by round. Who they played, result, and running Score total.

blubb: Re: Where to put tournament related suggestions? (2006-12-17 21:32) [#2681]

I don't know whether there are enough suggestions to justify an own section on tournaments, but if you think so, why not just go ahead?

Otherwise, your suggestion might also fit into [ext] section 7 (web pages).

reply Allow TD to start clock of a late player (2013-04-07 13:48) [#9607]

Context: The Collegiate Go League runs a series of online tournaments during the school year and a no-handicap championship in the spring.

Players often show up late. In traditional tournaments, it is possible to start the opponent's clock so there is some penalty for lateness. It would be helpful to make that possible in KGS.

It would be necessary to allow someone designated as the tournament director to set the opponent's name, stone color, and handicap for a game in the state "waiting for opponent", and start the opponent's clock. Then when an opponent of the proper name joins, they have whatever time remains. This should only be possible for free games, so there's no possibility of abuse by posting a loss on time for a player who isn't logged in.

  Rick Mott, Princeton Go Club
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