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axd: anonymous edits (2018-08-31 15:35) [#11169]

Bram, you should make it a habit of logging in before editing your page; for example, [ext] could be just vandalism.

bvandenbon: Re: anonymous edits (2018-09-22 13:10) [#11181]

My previous response was a bit brief.


I tend to see this page as a kind of biography of my go. And that often leads to doubt about whether or not I should only mention facts. It's easy to get carried away in writing about a certain feeling before or after a tournament.

One of the things that I like to do, is to scroll back in time and to compare my current state of mind with that of some years ago. It can give some comfort. So, sometimes I do like to write a bit more about the context, knowing that I will be grateful when I read this in a couple of years from now.

Now, this thing in Gent is something that is worth mentioning. And it is a bit of an impulsive reaction. But at this very moment I am convinced that it is the right decision. Having said that, while I move through phases of emotions (from being furious, to acceptance), I do think it is necessary now to rewrite my original text.

After all, our planet is just a tiny dot in this huge universe. :)


So, I rewrote everything again today. :) Let's hope that this is the final version :p.

I made an account in mean time. (I don't think I had one). But no vandalism going on.

bvandenbon: ((no subject)) (2018-09-17 11:35) [#11180]

Thanks, I will take this in account.

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