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Puzzling response to 'search position' [#5222]

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reply Puzzling response to 'search position' (2018-03-21 20:09) [#11097]

The stones illustrated in response to a position search at Sensei's Library sometimes show as BOTH black and white. I am confused as to what a white stone response refers to when the position query is asking for a black stone response. I would very much appreciate enlightenment. Fred

bugcat: Could be either colour? (2018-03-22 14:48) [#11100]

I use the positional search here very rarely, but isn't it the case that a bicoloured stone indicate that that position has appeared in (different) diagrams with both a white and black stone at that point?

tapir: ((no subject)) (2018-03-22 20:39) [#11102]

Not exactly sure, that I understood the question.

That you also get responses with reversed colours in default settings is intended (and normal procedure in other Go software as well). You can change that, however.

The search is a board search and there isn't even an option to "ask for a black stone response". Instead it finds all appearances in SL and lists the follow-ups by "popularity" (in SL diagrams).

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