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Huh? Call this WME? [#510]

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axd: Huh? Call this WME? (2006-07-06 14:06) [#1809]

A lot of WME to introduce some consistent - database like - format, but I have the impression that this list is way too long to read comfortably.

  1. The previous format was OK, now much page space is WASTED by regrouping English servers - most are, why not mention the exceptions as a few words in the previous format?
  2. Why dividing it in languages? Maybe to make stand out? :-)
  3. Why not adding the SL link in the title?
  4. Why spend an entire paragraph at player demographics?
  5. The Turn Based Server paragraph is wrong, as those servers are already mentioned elsewhere on this page.
  6. Who will keep the "last checked/updated" field current? Nobody (unless something changed in a negative way, maybe). This field makes no sense on SL, it has but very low value.
  7. And furtermore, half of the page vertical space is now blanks introduced by the spaces between paragraphs: the page has tripled in height without much new information.

I propose to put this page back to its original, terse but more than sufficient format (version 165) and add the few relevant information that was introduced in this version.


axd: Re: Huh? Call this WME? (2006-07-06 14:07) [#1811]

when I saw the edits, I had the impression that the author had focussed more on a nice layout than on terse content.

-alex- Re: response for axd? (2006-07-05 20:15) [#1812]

Hello axd: Generally the changes were made for a newbie to find a server that fits him easily, and allow people to do a little elimination without having to click on every site. Alphabetical certainly wasn't useful.

Here's some answers

  • Yeah, I'm not too keen on the height of the page, but bulleting was quicker (easier) reading than using the ";:" formatting which had less line spacing
  • In my experience, to most people the language supported is a prime concern, and this is an English language site. JijBent just happened to be the only European language exclusive site listed.
  • I, and many people I know, are always interested in playing people from different areas of the world. People hear about Korean "fighting" and want to see what itís about.
  • yeah, I didn't clean the TBS link up, done
  • There were seven defunct servers (I think). The date isn't going to be useful if its six months or a year old, but when it becomes four or five, it will. The old page had a ton of "new server" and "last April" information that was years old.
  • The TOC has a very concise listing if you want a quick view. If you can think of a way to reduce line spacing that'd be great
  • I did move the SL link into the heading, and removed the country of origin by including it in the language note to drop some lines
  • I know how to use a TOC, I'd like to figure out a way to cross index, so that an indexing by TBS could jump to the existing notes using the method the TOC calls them, but it doesn't seem so. The TOC gets rebuilt with each edit, and hypertext links would become out of wack. It might be as Bill suggests, create a page for every server with links
  • However, if a new page for each server is created, you end up having to click on every website to find out if youíre marginally interested, which was the reason for the change to begin with.
  • Apparently I love bullets, don't know why =|
axd: Re: response for axd? (2006-07-06 07:40) [#1813]

Overenthousiastic was the word I was looking for.

DrStraw: disagree (2006-07-05 15:02) [#1810]

I agree it is perhaps overkill, but I think the page is much more useful than the original. Maybe there is some compromise to make it easier to read.

xela: I like it too, call me a rebel... (2006-07-06 10:18) [#1815]

Well, perhaps people have already been editing it since this discussion started, but to me the current version (170) looks good and useful. The increased height isn't a problem for me: it doesn't actually take any longer to download, and I have a scrollbar. And if the "last checked" dates don't ever get updated, that in itself is useful information.

axd: about the "freshness" of the information (2006-07-06 13:55) [#1818]

The 'last checked date' item will become outdated soon anyway because it will not change as long as things look OK: nobody will keep that date updated just to tell that things are still OK, so this item has but very low informative value.

And if a go server does decay, who guarantees that the date will be updated to reflect this? If not, there is an inconsistency between what is shown here and the actual status of the server.

In the worst case, these dates will become old and meaningless (unless someone really changes something, whoch is not very frequent): just imagine looking at that page in a year or so, and seeing those dates. Are you going to make them recent? Don't think so.

And in case you want to know how fresh information is, look into the page history.

In other words, maintaining this "freshness" date updated is too complicated on SL.

Unkx80: The current format seems okay (2006-07-06 10:45) [#1816]

I personally think the current format is okay. In a way, it tries to give a brief overview of each server on a single page.

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