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reply Connection indication (2009-04-30 00:04) [#1771]

It seems that it's possible now to loose connection, but see the opponent's time ticking away so you don't notice. Especially if you expect the other guy to think for a while, this can be a total mood spoiler... At a certain point the JAVA client indicates 0:00 time for your opponent, you're thinking "oh well... i was in a won position anyway...", then it appears that YOU lost connection and YOU lost on time.

The solution is sooooo simple: let the JAVA client ping the server every 1 or 2 or 5 seconds and have an indicator that shows whether you're connected or not... Saves a lot of trouble!

Comments to hjpoell(at) plz...


Calvin: Re: Connection indication (2006-09-09 05:52) [#2174]

I have to agree. This is probably my biggest complaint about KGS.

reply Connection indication [#504] (2009-04-29 21:02) [#6007]

Shouldn't this be in the article, instead of the discussion page?

Sounds reasonable. But, it might also take a while for the server to realize the client lost a connection. So, it would still be possible to lose time, or lose on time. The server and client should both periodically query the other. When a disconnect is detected, the server should store the game with the time remaining on the client's clocks as of the time of last confirmation of connection.

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