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DrStraw: AGA Archive (2006-06-10 14:57) [#1698]

Does anyone know if the AGA Archive list is a complete list of all publications on go, or is it a list of all those for which the AGA has a copy?

RiffRaff: ((no subject)) (2006-06-10 20:04) [#1699]

It says at the top of the index "Here is a rough summary of some of the material in the American Go Association Archive", so it looks like it's what's actually in the archive. I'd probably get in contact with Craig Hutchinson for any further questions. I see both and listed as e-mail addresses.

velobici: Craig Hutchinson has died. (2008-09-21 14:22) [#5083]

Getting in touch will Craig will be difficult. I am sorry to say that Craig died about one year ago (30th October, 2007).

DrStraw: ((no subject)) (2006-06-10 20:10) [#1700]

How did I manage to miss that! I must be working too hard.

reply ((no subject)) (2008-09-21 05:32) [#5082]

IF you're looking for a complete list of western published go books, I highly recommend Bibliogo by Theo van Ees and Franco Patresi.

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