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Interesting shortage-of-liberties problem [#474]

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headius: Interesting shortage-of-liberties problem (2006-06-07 00:11) [#1682]

I ran into the following problem today. My proposed solution is provided. I'd be interested in hearing if there was a way for white to live. ~~~

Black to move and kill  
Moves 1 to 10 (10 at 1)  
Move 11  
X Re: Interesting shortage-of-liberties problem (2006-06-07 03:50) [#1683]

idigo: I read some problems in your proposed solution:

Problem 1: Ko  
Problem 2: White wins the race with a big eye  

Post back if the idea is unclear in either diagram; I'm being rather lazy in showing the variations. And don't hesitate to tell me if I've made a mistake!

Black does have a way to kill unconditionally (I'm a ~3k talking here, so take that with whatever grain of salt you find necessary). I'll leave it to you to find the move.

Unkx80: Re: Interesting shortage-of-liberties problem (2006-06-07 12:03) [#1684]

I admit that I have not quite read out this problem, but...


I think the exchange of W4 and B5 solves many of White's problems. If B7 at B9, then White can throw-in at B7, then Black a captures, and White connects at W10.


Black loses the capturing race by one move. Of course Black can try to create a ko by playing B1 at a, but White will still exchange W2 and B3 before connecting with W4, and Black can make a throw-in ko at b, but this ko is too heavy for Black.

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