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New reply Spam in Recent Changes (2006-05-12 20:08) [#1559]

C.S. Graves: I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done about it, but is there a way for the administrators to edit out the spam that appears in the summary of changes on the recent Changes page? I'm fairly certain nobody on Sensei's Library is terribly interested in online pharmacies. I'm always discouraged to see spammers spreading their snake oil in every corner of the web.

Unkx80: Re: Spam in Recent Changes (2006-05-12 20:12) [#1560]

I already brought this up to Arno. He says, expect a fix on the weekend.

ArnoHollosi: spam fix for RC (2006-05-13 16:27) [#1565]

I have deleted all the spam and added some preventive meassures (i.e. another step in the arms race with spammers.)

In your own interest do not add "href='" or other HTML tidbits into the edit summary or you get blocked and your edit may get lost.

MAsterdam: Spam in Recent Changes (2006-05-16 17:15) [#1578]

Unfortunately, the spamming continues. For now I have blocked

RiffRaff: ((no subject)) (2006-05-16 18:03) [#1583]

Looks like you need to add "[url=" to the block list for recent changes.

ArnoHollosi: Autoblock mechanism updated (2006-05-16 22:57) [#1587]

I did just that. Another step in the arms race.

FYI: the old mechanism already blocked 10 spam edits. Seems like our wiki is now large enough to appear on spam lists. ((no subject)) (2006-05-16 19:06) [#1585]

C.S. Graves: Good to hear at least some of it is being blocked. Good work, gents!

AndyPierce: suggestion (2006-05-17 01:48) [#1588]

AJP: with my wiki I did this: Logged-in users can add whatever they want, including external links. Non-logged in users can add whatever they want as well, so long as it doesn't include any external links. If a non-logged in user tries to include an external link, all the text they tried to add is blocked (not just the link they tried to add). Since I implemented this over a year ago, I haven't had any more link spam problems. Try it if you like at [ext]

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