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writing go commentaries for magazine or book [#3331]

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reply writing go commentaries for magazine or book (2016-11-08 11:24) [#10848]

I am thinking of writing some extensive commentaries on Go games that I find interesting.

What would be the best and easiest programme to use for Go writing? I would like to have a writing programme that can easily handle variations and allow editing of a board diagram to show possible alternative moves (e.g. White could play at A or B) and one which can handle Ko situations. And also a programme that allows a board situation to be copy pasted into a word document.

Any suggestions would be welcome!

OscarBear: ((no subject)) (2016-11-08 13:35) [#10849]

I would recommend GoWrite to you.

reply Go writing programmes (2016-11-09 11:25) [#10850]

Thank you for the suggestion of Gowrite. What is the general opinion of smartgo?

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