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reply Go game guru (2016-10-08 15:14) [#10805]

It seems that Go Game Guru has not been updated since July. Is it still in operation? It would be a great pity if they had gone offline, as they provided a great Go community service. Any news anybody?

reply ((no subject)) (2016-10-08 16:39) [#10806]

There have been some discussions at Life in 19x19. One thread is here: [ext] http://lifein19x19.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=13471, and it also references another thread noting problems.

Exactly what's going on isn't quite resolved.

reply ((no subject)) (2016-10-08 20:19) [#10807]

It would be sad if another great Go resource disappeared. But thanks for the link to the thread.

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