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reply Delete it! (2015-11-04 08:40) [#10617]

Seems like complete rubbish, I recommend deletion.

X Re: Delete it! (2015-11-05 05:12) [#10618]

For a user homepage, an 11x11 board seems like a great find. Of course, deletion may be ok.

tapir: Re: Delete it! (2015-11-05 15:01) [#10620]

two different issues.

1) a homepage with little content is perfectly fine. (i have only a tapir pic right now.)

2) after 12 years without activity, it won't be missed either.

we (as sl librarians) did not touch homepages for years, but i don't believe removal of no-content homepages of accounts never-really-active on SL will meet much objection and there are hundreds of them. so, if you want to see them removed please add {{remove}} to the page, no need to start a discussion thread each time.

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