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Unsolved Tsumego [#3151]

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OscarBear: Unsolved Tsumego (2015-05-18 13:56) [#10530]

Is there any way to search for unsolved tsumego on SL ?

tapir: Re: Unsolved Tsumego (2015-05-18 17:24) [#10531]

There is unsolved problems, better is [ext] These are pages with the unsolved template, but it never was on all unsolved problem pages.

If you notice the difference between the two links: There still is a problem that messed up all automatically generated lists with the data loss back then, churning the relevant pages and indexes lists them again. I did this for plenty of books, but could not be bothered for a list like unsolved problems.

OscarBear: Re: Unsolved Tsumego (2015-05-19 09:05) [#10533]

Cool, that's just what I was looking for.

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